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We specialize in Ocean City, New Jersey landscaping. Understanding the specific issues that arise from the unique weather of barrier islands like Ocean City, we use our years of experience to ensure your lawn is is great shape all year.


Residential and commercial lawn care in Ocean City


Mulching can add a gfreat final touch to any landscaping job in Ocean City, NJ

Weekly Lawn Service

We recommend mmost ocean city lawns be serviced weekly from early May through October.

New Lawn Installation, Sod or Seed

We use sod that is perfectly designed to flourish in the harsh conditions of the ocean city summer.

Lawn De-Thatching

Because of the very hot and dry conditions present in Ocean City in the summers, we recommend thatching your lawn at the beginning of every season.

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Keeping your landscape in peak condition all year long not only enhances your home's beauty and
makes life easier to enjoy, but helps to safeguard your property investment. FitLawns Landscaping
believes that year-long landscape excellence requires both regular care and a proactive
maintenance plan.

We are fully licensed and insured. NJ Pesticide license #90411B


Landscaping Tips

Keeping your yard looking great is a year-round project at the Jersey Shore. Our harsh winters and hot summers are punishing. Maintaining your yard, whether you are looking for lush grass, beautiful flower beds, or well-maintained rock coverings - requires know-how and work. here are some tips that should help make that just a little easier ... and a whole lot more effective.

Read Our Lanscaping Tips

12 months of landscaping tips


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